Saturday, August 26, 2017

Photo Friday [195]

Welcome to our random week!

Here is a smattering of photographic evidence...

 This is a dog, dressed up as a corn cob.  Yup.  The kind of thing you might only see at a small town corn festival parade! 

We thought the kids ought to experience a parade while we're in the U.S., so we went to neighboring Aumsville for their corn festival parade.  The kids had enjoyed it (especially the people throwing candy from the floats!)

 Brian nearly died when a Jolly Rancher was launched strait at his head by a teenager dressed in a corn costume, but I deflected it at the last minute and probably saved his life.  (This account may have been slightly exaggerated...)

Of course the major experience this week was the eclipse!  Our town was right in the path of totality, so we just watched from our backyard.  And I decided that I wasn't even going to try to get pictures of the sun.  I just wanted to enjoy it.  And if you are like me you've already seen umpteen amazing shots in the media by this point.

 It was incredible.  The cold, the darkness... the beauty of it.  Very, very cool that we could be in Oregon for it.

Brian was reading a book about the grocery industry and he read about a variety of grapes that taste like cotton candy.  When we saw them at a local store, we just had to try them.  Yes... a definite cotton candy aftertaste, which is just kind of weird in a grape.

Greg refreshed his bike-riding skills after a few months off.


Learning to pedal is really hard sometimes!

 I'm jealous of the lashes my kids got.

Dahlias in my yard:

 This weekend we're on a church camp-out in Astoria.  This morning we explored the old battery at Fort Stephens.  We gave the kids flashlights and let them explore all of the old concrete rooms. 

Kate got a pair of pink goggles and didn't want to take them off.  
(This was near naptime - hence the face.) 

Until next week!

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