Saturday, September 2, 2017

Photo Friday [196]

It's our last week of summer before school starts, so we went big this week:

 State Fair!  Unfortunately the day that we went was the hottest day of the week, but we sweated it out in the 90-degree weather and had a good time.  The Oregon State fair has a chair lift ride that takes you over the whole fairgrounds.  It was a favorite part of the day for the kids.

Checking out the salmon on display in a big tank.

 The other favorite activity was the junior tractor pull, where the kids got to see how much weight they could pull on pedal tractors.  Greg was proud of beating his personal record on his second try.

Caleb was a crowd favorite because of his determination and don't-quit attitude.

Also this week Brian's grandparents invited us all to Enchanted Forest, a local amusement park.  It's the creation of one imaginative man with a good sense of humor. 

Walking into the witch's mouth was a highlight.

 There were a few rides to ride:

 The old woman who lived in a shoe (with a slide).


This weekend we are on our way to Boise for the wedding of a friend.  The drive through the mountains to the eastern side of the state was very smoky because of all of the wildfires lately.

This was a stretch of the highway where a fire was still smoldering.  We had to wait for a pilot car to guide us through, and fire crews were monitoring things from the side of the road.

Yesterday afternoon we visited the painted hills!

 Collecting rocks.

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