Friday, September 15, 2017

Photo Friday [198]

 This week we celebrated this guy's birthday.  I was taking pictures of him as he watched a cartoon.  He seems skeptical...

...and then his brother came home from school and started watching too.

 Caleb wanted a pelican cake.

The intention was to make it look like one of his stuffed animals.

Here you can see the toy in question, proudly posing with its cake!

Two sets of grandparents and a cousin came over to help us celebrate.

He wanted police Legos.

He got to go to the store and pick out a present with his great-grandparents, and he chose a tool set.  (a very short video clip, just watch it.)

 He also was rockin' the Spiderman apparel.

Including his very own Spiderman bike - a gift from grandma and grandpa!

Where we live we are blessed with having a nice paved loop in front of our house that we share with two neighbors.  It's not officially a street, and so there is hardly any traffic at all.  Perfect for biking and running.

Big brother has been spending almost all of his spare time practicing bike "tricks," and so we are thrilled that now Caleb will be able to ride with him.  Gotta enjoy these last few days/weeks of good weather before the Oregon fall and winter catch us!

We haven't really had rain, but Kate enjoyed playing on our deck which was wet from watering the lawn...

Until next week!

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Rozeena Tahir said...

your boys are really grown this is impressive I remember when you did your first post when they were celebrating their first birthday time moves really fast