Saturday, October 28, 2017

Photo Friday [203]

This week (and last...):

 We visited a church in Lincoln City, OR and spent  a few beautiful days at the beach.

Deer right outside our cabin! 

T-shirts and sandcastles.

 Beach sunsets and being chased by waves.

We wrapped up a month of speaking at different churches with a missions weekend at our home church in Stayton.  We shared a bit of PNG food at their taste of missions dinner, along with several other visiting missionaries.

Greg's elementary school had a jog-a-thon fundraiser.  Greg was very anxious about being able to meet his goal of 15 laps.

He shouldn't have been worried.  He was at the top of the class with 22 laps.  He was a very proud little boy.

 And he went ahead and lost that other front tooth.

 Loving the fall colors!

 The kids now all own tennis shoes!  We've finally reconciled to the fact that we can't make it all year round here in sandals and Crocs.  We celebrated Caleb's new kicks one morning with some races around the loop in front of our house before Greg caught the bus to school.

 This morning we visited a pumpkin patch with Caleb's preschool class.  Caleb was happy, but miss Kate is feeling sick today, and so this is pretty much how she felt about the whole thing.

Hayride to the apple orchard to pick an apple.

 Lots of pumpkins to choose from!

 And most importantly, fresh apple cider and an apple cider donut to finish off the morning.

Until next week!

Saturday, October 14, 2017

Photo Friday [202]

It's the age of gap-tooth smiles.  Greg lost a front tooth this week, and its neighbor can't be far behind.

 And since it happened at school, he got to go to the school office and get a special baggie to put it in.

House painting is officially done, and just in time before some rainy days.

 My lovely sister-in-law invited my mother-in-law and me out for a fancy tea.  It was a belated birthday celebration... for all three of us I guess!  It was very fun...

 ... and delicious!

Brian had a birthday this week, and last week was our nephew's birthday, so we had a joint party for them today.

 Before cake and ice cream, we did some cider pressing!  My in-laws have this antique (more than 100 years old!) cider press that still works (with a little TLC). 

 Many hands make light work.

Greg hard at work cranking the press.

It was also the first time we had a family get-together since our three "new" nephews officially joined the family last week when their adoption was finalized!  So glad to have these boys in our family, even though one didn't make it into the pictures...

Until next week!

Saturday, October 7, 2017

Photo Friday [201]

You know when a small project turns into a big one?

That's kind of what happened to us this week.  All summer long we have known that there were some fascia boards that had been replaced on our furlough house that had not yet been painted, and that they needed to have paint applied before the fall rains started.  We put it off until now, when we realized that it really was getting quite late and we'd better get on it.  Well, after a lot of indecision, we decided to go ahead and paint the whole house... it was due for a new exterior coat.  So that project has dominated our week.

Here it is before painting, although after washing, sanding and prepping.  You can see some color samples on the side of the garage as we tried to decide on a color.

And we decided that we might as well completely change the color scheme, from white with very dark teal trim to a dark "griege" with cream trim.  We were able to borrow a paint sprayer, and as you can see, Brian just went to town with it.  

Of course, now that the fun part it done, we still have a lot of work painting the trim.  Today was spent painting downspouts and starting on the trim work (including those previously mentioned "naked" fascia boards...)

 Here is where we are at the end of today, with some help from Brian's parents.  The color is the kind that seems to change colors depending on the light, so I'm not sure this photo is a good representation of it.  It's a brown that sometimes looks grey and sometimes looks a bit green.

Of course we've been making lots of trips to the nearby Home Depot, and I bet you can imagine all the oohs and aaahs that we got this morning when we brought along this:

 Twirling skirt, pigtails, tap shoes and a super hero cape.  The girl knows how to make an entrance!

Until next week!