Saturday, November 4, 2017

Photo Friday [204]

Dirt.  Lots of dirt this week.

Lots of dirt, and lots of time at grandma's house, because this week it was time to dig up the dahlia tubers!  The weather was unusually beautiful this week, which made the process much nicer.

The tubers are all out of the ground, but there is still work to be done to get them all washed, sorted and stored in the barn.

Greg was actually a big help in the field.  Caleb and Kate found other things to do on the farm.

 I made a short little video of the process, trying to make it seem a little more epic than perhaps it really is:

 I got a new passport this week, which means we need to also renew my PNG work permit and visa, along with Kate's since her visa is attached to mine.  This meant taking some passport-type photos of an almost-three-year-old who doesn't understand what a neutral face is:

The kids all had dentist appointments.  Kate did amazingly well for her first time.

The following photos may be the most boring to you, but they represent a highlight of my week.

In the last three years in PNG, my camera's sensor has picked up a lot of dust.  See all those little specks on this photo of the sky?  That was the before picture.  Awful!   In still photos it hasn't been that big of a deal.  I've been able to edit them out when they were too noticeable.  As I've started to do more video however, it's become a big problem.  If you watch the video above again, you'll be able to easily pick out the dust spots in the footage.

So yesterday I visited a camera shop and had the sensor cleaned.  And look at the difference!  No more sensor dust!!

A plain, grey, speck-less sky makes for one happy Susan.

Until next week!