Saturday, December 2, 2017

Photo Friday [205]

Sorry that I've been AWOL for a few weeks.  Let me try to catch up:

We had a round of sickness this past week.  That combined with cold weather made it a good week for random naps near the fireplace.

Greg proud of himself for realizing that he could work ahead on his daily spelling homework so and have some "days off" later in the week.

 Did you know that Candy Land can be a very high-stakes and emotional game?

Kate had a birthday!
She requested an "Elsa" cake, and here was my attempt.

As a special surprise, grandma had arranged for Elsa to come to the birthday party in person!  Kate loved it.   (The bulletin board in the back is part of a very elaborate party game devised entirely by Greg). 

 Caleb and his faithful friend Froggy.

 Kate has been living in this "dancing dress" that she got for her birthday from Aunt Becky.  Not sure what was going on here though...

I saved the best for last.  On black Friday, our newest nephew Hudson was born!  I was able to make it to Portland in time to be there and document his birth in photos.

Kate was not happy about the baby.  Although usually she loves babies, this one was taking up a lot of the attention that day, and she didn't like it.  I think she's used to being the "baby" of the group of six older cousins and brothers.

Greg, on the other hand, was totally fascinated. 

Holding a tiny newborn did give me some pangs of nostalgia and perhaps the thought of having one more of our own crossed my mind.  But then we took our own three plus my four nephews to Costco to feed them lunch, and the craziness of taking seven kids out to eat kind of put that idea to rest!

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