Friday, April 13, 2018

Photo Friday: new pets and back to work

Our first weekend back in Ukarumpa and we were invited to a birthday party elsewhere in the valley for one of Caleb's classmates.

 Kate, who became enamored of My Little Ponies on furlough, loved the party theme, and was thrilled to get a photo with her favorite Pinkie Pie.

The kids enjoyed a wading pool, lots of food and games, and the grownups enjoyed catching up with friends.

We also jumped right back into animal husbandry, as a friend of ours had manged to procure some layer chicks and had a few to spare.  (It's very easy to buy meat chickens here, but finding good laying hens is a bit trickier... unless you want to buy in bulk!)

Meet Brownie, Pink Face, Nugget and Greg Jr.  (Greg is really hoping his will be a rooster, although I've warned him that, for the sake of our neighbors, we will not be keeping any of these that turn out to be boys!)

The kids are mostly happy to be back.  I can't say it's all been smooth sailing, but this week everyone seems to be doing well.

 Give this kid some weapons and he's all good...

Brian is thrilled to be back at work, and already has a list of things he wants to fix, both at our house and at work.  I have not officially started work yet, but have had a few conversations about future video projects I might work on, and word is that a desk is being cleared out for me soon in one of the offices.

This morning Brian and I made our first trip to Kainantu to run some errands.  Our first priority was to renew our drivers licenses.  Despite some computer glitches, we were able to pay for and get receipts for our renewed licenses, even though we weren't able to get the actual license card itself, so we are legal drivers once again.   We weren't so lucky when we tried to register the SIM cards for our phones, so it looks like we may need to make another trip next week.  Thankfully the farm supply store had chicken feed in stock.  So the outing was partially successful!

Until next week...

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