Saturday, April 28, 2018

Photo Saturday: Just for fun

Brian taught the boys to play chess this week.  I was thinking, "Really?  Aren't they a bit young?"  But they have loved it, and have been playing every day.

Not surprising, actually, since this one adores anything that has to do with battles.

I've never been much of a chess player, so this morning I sat down with them to be reminded of the rules.  It didn't take long for me to figure out that they may not be playing exactly in a traditional manner!  Oh well, at least it is keeping them occupied!

While we were in the U.S. a zipline was built on a hill behind our house, so we had to go try it out.

Kate turned out to be pretty fearless.  We were impressed!

While we were in the States we found that our kids really missed the homemade foodstuffs we eat here.  They especially hated store-bought jam.   Thankfully while we were in Oregon, they were kept supplied with "grandma jam."

When we got back to Ukarumpa, I bought one jar of strawberry jam from the store.  Oh, how the kids complained!  But I told them that they had to eat the whole thing before I would make homemade strawberry jam.  This week we finally managed to finish the jar, and you should have heard the cheers at dinnertime when the first of these jars of "mommy jam" was brought out!

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