Friday, May 18, 2018

Photo Friday: Sports and Trucks

This week:

There was a community 5K run/walk last Saturday, and Greg decided the night before that he should run it with his dad.  It was his first 5K.

They both ran well (though Greg ended up beating Brian by a whole minute...)

For Mother's Day we went out to lunch in Kainantu (no photos).  Later in the afternoon we build a fire in the backyard and roasted marshmallows:

Brian went on a three-day trip to Lae.  If you were around him for more than 20 minutes on furlough he probably showed you pictures on his phone of our new rugged cargo truck.  Brian has been training the drivers on all of the new truck's features, including an automatic transmission, which is rare in PNG and an electric retarder for going downhill.  He wanted to accompany the guys on their first trip down to Lae so that he could answer any questions.

 When Brian texted me on Wednesday to ask me to meet the truck when it arrived, I did not expect to see him standing in the back! 

 Apparently he only rode back there for the last 20 minutes to check for low-slung power lines, due to the height of the water tanks they were hauling.  He claims the cargo gets to ride a lot smoother than the crew on the bumpy roads!

 The High School is having their annual Sports Day, a track and field event.  Greg likes to watch the races, but it wasn't long until he was distracted by the lure of foursquare, which is the hottest recess game from what I can tell.  

When I was a kid, we played foursquare with big red rubber balls, but here it is played with racquetballs, and there is a ton of specialized lingo that has developed over the years.  I rarely understand Greg when he talks about playing.

Kate loves the cage on the back of our truck.  She uses it as monkey bars, and after each trip in the truck we are commanded to watch her "tricks", which are usually the same two things over and over again.

And here are our four little red hens.  My mom was wondering how they were doing, so this photo is for her.  They're eight weeks old now.

Saturday, May 12, 2018

Photo Friday - the kids' week

Pigtails!  Unfortunately they usually don't last.  For being such a girly-girl, she sure hates getting her hair done.

 Backyard swings

Trampoline! (Or as Kate likes to call it, the Jumpoline...)  And hey, wouldn't you want to jump on the jumpoline too if you had a tutu?

Kate and Caleb sitting (semi-quietly) in the back of the High School Anatomy and Physiology class while mom got some video footage.

The ditch in front of our house has a lot of appeal this week.  Sometimes all you need is a stick and some imagination...

Caleb fights many battles in our yard.  The weapon of choice this week (which stows nicely in the rubber boots he's been wearing everywhere.)

Note the similarity to this photo I found in his room.  I see that this theme of turning items into weapons really has been going on for quite a while...