Saturday, May 12, 2018

Photo Friday - the kids' week

Pigtails!  Unfortunately they usually don't last.  For being such a girly-girl, she sure hates getting her hair done.

 Backyard swings

Trampoline! (Or as Kate likes to call it, the Jumpoline...)  And hey, wouldn't you want to jump on the jumpoline too if you had a tutu?

Kate and Caleb sitting (semi-quietly) in the back of the High School Anatomy and Physiology class while mom got some video footage.

The ditch in front of our house has a lot of appeal this week.  Sometimes all you need is a stick and some imagination...

Caleb fights many battles in our yard.  The weapon of choice this week (which stows nicely in the rubber boots he's been wearing everywhere.)

Note the similarity to this photo I found in his room.  I see that this theme of turning items into weapons really has been going on for quite a while...

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