Friday, June 8, 2018

Photo Friday: Birds, Bacon, Butterflies and Batteries

This week:

We have ducks again!  These two female Muscovies are from the batch of eggs that our old duck Snowflake hatched out a year ago, right after we left PNG for furlough.  They got a little excited about the water, and Kate wasn't sure what to do with their flapping...

Brian managed to track down a drake that we can buy from someone else, so hopefully he will be joining these ladies soon, and maybe next time we get a clutch of eggs, we will be around to see them hatch.

A glum-looking little butterfly.

Maybe not so glum!

"Last Day of School" picture.  (The quotation marks are because the photo was taken on Wednesday, because mom wouldn't be around for their real last day of second grade and preschool on Friday)

A selfie stick???

This is actually from two weeks ago, when Brian smoked his homemade bacon... how could I have forgotten to include it?!!  Bacon is a special treat here, but now we are well supplied!

Just for fun, a short time-lapse of the view from our front porch (which is also the view from my kitchen window where I spend so much time cooking and washing dishes):


And finally, batteries.  I'm writing this blog on Wednesday and scheduling it to post on Friday, because Thursday morning I'll be headed to Erika village in Oro Province to video the Baruga New Testament dedication celebration!  Erika village is pretty remote, with only a limited amount of solar power at the translator's house and so I'm making sure that all of the batteries for two cameras a fully charged before I leave.  I'll be there for three nights, while Brian holds down the home front.  I expect to come back with batteries empty and memory cards full!

Until next week...

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