Friday, August 31, 2018

Photo Friday: August

Sorry.  After a few years of faithfully posting on the blog every week, I've really let it slide lately.  I'm realizing that using my camera for work now means I am much less apt to pick it up when I'm not working.  But here is what I've got for this past month:

Last Monday was a holiday (National Repentance Day), and since we didn't have school or work, we took the kids on a little "field trip" to see the milking of the cows.

Thanks to one of Brian's new co-workers, who brought milking equipment (plus the knowledge and experience) with him from the Netherlands, we have fresh milk available for the first time in years!

If you're thinking "these are not dairy cows," then you're right.  Most of the cows here are beef cattle.  Work is being done to bring some better dairy stock into the herd, but for now, these will do.

BTW, I don't think I've ever seen a Holstein here in PNG...

Fresh milk is a nice treat when you're used to long-life boxed milk or powdered milk - even if you have to pasteurize it yourself.

We had a visit from a representative of the U.S. Embassy, so we took the opportunity to have Greg sighted for a passport renewal.  Outtakes from the passport photos:

 And I don't think we're in dry season any more...


 The weather can still be chilly, but we've been seeing more and heavier rain, so the warm days of rainy season are on their way.

One of our ducks is sitting on thirteen eggs.  Expected to hatch the last week of September!!  The chickens are all laying now too, and so we've got a good supply of fresh eggs.

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