Friday, November 16, 2018

Photo Friday: "Halloween", Carnival and the Beach

Hmm... this post is going to seem like all we do is have fun around here. 
We do still work.  I promise.

Halloween is not a holiday here, but the kids still got to dress up.  Our last-minute costumes (like, literally, less than an hour before we had to leave the house!) were a ballerina, some kind of warrior dog, and a pirate.

Several families and individuals volunteered to put on a trunk-or-treat type event with games and candies for the kids.

An Ukarumpa tradition which happens every year around the end of October is Carnival, which is part fundraiser for the High School and part raising funds for a charity.  Kids really look forward to this every year.

bouncy castle!

Mini golf


And rides.

This guy always goes a little above and beyond in his bidding at the charity auction.  This year we came away with a huge bag of laundry soap, a bunch of coffee, and some gift certificates to a home goods store.  We were outbid on the new wheelbarrow, which I'm still a bit sad about.

Not only did he paint Kate's nails (and do a pretty good job of it!), but he also allowed me to escape to the beach for a few days this week with some girlfriends, even though he had a very busy week of meetings and work.

 One of my friends was celebrating a milestone birthday, and so five of us ladies went down to a beach resort near Madang for two nights.  (One that happens to offer a missionary discount, which helps!)

 I'm always an early riser, but I was thankful I didn't miss this sunrise!

The snorkeling is pretty good here.

The past few weeks have held a lot of fun, but now we're back to work with a vengeance.  Brian and some other CAM guys are working weekends to help replace some cross arms on power poles, and I've got some photo and video work waiting for me this weekend. 

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