Friday, January 11, 2019

Photo Friday: New Year

Brian was on call over the Christmas/New Years break, and so we didn't get to take a longer vacation.  We did make the 2-1/2 hour drive (under current road conditions) to Goroka for the day last week.  The kids made it about two hours before we broke out the Plants Vs. Zombies on the phone.

Our trip took a bad turn right away when we stopped at a store to do a bit of shopping before we hit the restaurant/pool (the main attraction).  A bag was stolen out of our truck while we were inside.  Nothing of great monetary value was lost, but what we did lose were a few of the kids' pool toys, including Kate's flotation vest.  So that was a major bummer.

Still, a restaurant lunch was a nice treat.  And they made grilled cheese especially for us, even though it wasn't on the menu.

She was so excited to try out the swimsuit she got for her birthday.

The shallow end of the pool wasn't shallow enough for two of our kiddos.  No pool toys = lots of clinging to mom and dad.

I'm looking forward to school starting up again next week.  (The kids have had a five-week break).  Our time off from the normal routine has been pretty low key.

Butterfly wing found in the back yard.

 When mom mops the floor...

 A pair of dad's old socks were sacrificed to make a new stuffed animal for the kids to fight over.  Right now he's on a rotating custody schedule.

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