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We are a family originally from Colorado (Susan) and Oregon (Brian) who have been supporting Bible Translation in Papua New Guinea since August of 2008.  We were newlyweds when we first arrived in PNG, but now have two rambunctious boys, Greg and Caleb, and one daughter, Kate.

We tell our friends here in Papua New Guinea that Brian is a nambis (beach) man who married a bus ("bush", or highlands) woman.  Our Papua New Guinean friends laugh in approval, because it is common knowledge that Highlands women work harder than coastal women [Everything grows quicker and easier on the warm coast of the country, and so coastal women don't have to work as hard to feed their families.], and so a nambis man is lucky to find himself a bus meri.

Brian is a diesel mechanic by trade, but is currently serving as an administrator.  That's OK - he still gets to do lots of troubleshooting and problem-solving... just with people instead of engines!  He tries to wear his coveralls and get greasy at least once a week, even if he spends the rest of his time in the office and at meetings.  He enjoys flying RC airplanes and reading historical books and biographies in his spare time.

Susan trained as a linguist, but is currently busy being mom.  She likes to stay involved with the language work here by helping out with training courses or doing other translation-related tasks when she has time.  Her hobbies include sewing (especially quilts), cooking, photography, and theater.

In this blog we strive to show the normal day-to-day life of a missionary family in Papua New Guinea.   Thanks for stopping by!

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